Our experience shows that grant money is rarely made available to for-profit ventures for purposes of obtaining capital. Only under special circumstances where technology is involved do grant opportunities exist for private for-profit businesses. There are several web sites on which one can search for available grant monies.

Unfortunately "free" grant money for for-profit companies is not nearly as available as those who are selling the "how to" books and seminars would like you to believe. Recent articles (Click here to see an article from MSNBC) have highlighted the exaggerated claims of the people selling "free money" books and seminars.

Finding grants is a competitive and research-intensive process. We do not want to discourage you from seeking grants, though, you should be aware that most small businesses obtain their financing through more traditional means. (See our financing section.) Researching grants can be done on the Internet and at the public library. Some websites you may wish to visit are listed below.

US Small Business Administration

The US Small Business Administration, in addition to providing loans and loan information, has an extensive list of links to federal and state grant sites. Visit their website at

Other federal grant research sites are listed here and can be visited by clicking on the website, and

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