Estimated Costs

Estimated Cost for 20/21 Academic Year

  • SCCC CosmetologySeward County Residents
    at $113 per credit hour
    In-State at $114 per credit
    Border States at $136 per
    credit hour
    at $151 per credit hour
  • Tuition/Student Fees 44
    credit hours
    $4972 $5016 $5984 $6644
  • Course Fees
    $190 per course
    Cosmetology I, I & III




  • Student Kit $2,185 $2,185 $2,185 $2,185
  • Bookstore $750 (tax not included) $750 (tax not included) $750 (tax not included) $750 (tax not included)
  • Total Estimated Payments
    to the College
    $8477 $8521 $9489 $10149

Additional Costs not collected by SCCC but must be considered:

Uniform Costs: All white long or short sleeve T-shirt to be worn under the smock. (Smock will be furnished in the kit.) All black slacks (no jeans, sweats, or leggings). All black closed-toe shoes. Uniform costs will be dependent upon the number of changes the student wishes to have available. Uniform must be clean each day.

Apprenticeship License: $15 debit or credit card or money order must be brought on the first day of the program for an apprentice license. The license is good for only 12 months. Any student who cannot finish the program in one year will be required to file for another license.

Student Services: The student will be required to pay for all chemicals and products used on one's self at a student discount.

Optional Cost: Hepatitis B Vaccine- The student may wish to have a Hepatitis B Vaccine prior to beginning the program. The vaccination is optional.

Please Note: Kits are to remain on campus until program is completed and is paid in full, or the class has been dropped and is paid in full.


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