Work-Study is considered self-help aid. It provides jobs for students who wish to earn a portion of their college expenses while gaining practical work experience. At Seward County Community College there are federal (Federal Work-Study) and institutional (College Payroll) positions available. A student will typically be employed for one academic year, August through May. Summer employment, June and July, may also be available. The work-study positions are located on campus and the rate of pay is at least the current federal minimum wage. The scheduled hours and pay may vary according to the job position. The amount earned cannot exceed the total amount of the work-study award. A maximum of 10 hours may be worked weekly during the Fall and Spring semesters and a maximum of 20 hours weekly in the Summer. (Some restrictions may apply to the number of hours a student can work.)

Students must file a FAFSA to be considered for a work-study job and answer yes to the work-study question on the FAFSA. If you are an international student or have been granted a work authorization Social Security Card, you are not eligible to fill out a FAFSA, but must fill out a Student Worker Interest Form in the Financial Aid Office.

You can view a complete listing of work-study jobs on our website. Priority is given to full-time students in good standing.

Before a student may start working, the following documents must be on file: FAFSA or a Student Worker Interest Form, a W-4, and an I-9. A valid photo ID and Social Security Card are required to complete the I-9. Students are required to attend a seminar explaining SCCC procedures.

Work-Study Jobs for Fall 2020/Spring 2021

Last updated - July 7, 2020

For more information, contact the Financial Aid office at; to apply, use the contact information next to the supervisor. If the position shows "Filled" there are no jobs currently available in that department.

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