Truck Driving/Entry Level CDL Training

The CDL/Truck Driving program at Seward County Community College trains students in the necessary skills to enter the industry. Students learn vehicle equipment control, set up and inspections, basic maneuvering and handling, over the road records management, and preventive maintenance. With opportunities for both men and women to become truck drivers, the field is one of the fastest job markets in the country. Students who successfully graduate do so with a full CDL Class A License.


CDL/Truck Driving Students at SCCC:

• Receive hands-on training with up-to-date conventional tractors and 48' to 53' trailers

• Receive hands-on training in coupling and uncoupling, inspections, and air brake adjustments

• Learn about vehicle equipment control, vehicle set up and inspections, and basic maneuvering and handling.

• Practice driver proficiency.

• Complete the program with knowledge and training in first aid/CPR, National Safety Council DDC, and entry level training in accordance with 49 CFR 380.503.


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