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Associate in Arts Degree

Recommended Core Emphasis/Elective Courses:   
Course IDCourse NameCredit HoursCourse IDCourse NameCredit Hours
MU1303Theory I3MU1402Sight Singing and Ear Training I2
MU1313 Theory II3MU1412Sight Singing and Ear Training II2
MU1323Theory III3MU2402 Sight Singing and Ear Training III2
MU1333Theory IV3MU2412 Sight Singing and Ear Training IV2
MUP1612Applied Music Piano I1-2MUI1612Applied Instrument I1-2
MUP1622Applied Music Piano II1-2MUI1622Applied Instrument II1-2
MUP1632Applied Music Piano III1-2MUI1632Applied Instrument III1-2
MUP1642Applied Music Piano IV1-2MUI1642Applied Instrument IV


MUV1612Applied Music Voice I1-2 MU2851Concert Band I1
MUV1622Applied Music Voice II1-2MU2861Concert Band II1
MUV1632Applied Music Voice III1-2MU2871Concert Band III1
MUV1642Applied Music Voice IV1-2MU2881Concert Band IV1
MU1141Chorus I1   
MU1151Chorus II1   
MU1161Chorus III1   
MU1171Chorus IV1   


Music Majors: It is recommended to have 50 minutes of Applied Instrument / Voice lessons (2 credits = 50 minutes)


Semester Plan   
First Semester (16 credit hours)Credit HoursSecond Semester (14 credit hours)Credit Hours
EG1103 English Composition I3EG1113 English Composition II3
BH1101 First Year Seminar1MA1173 College Algebra3
PE1431 Concepts of Health and Wellness1Humanities Elective3
Social and Behavioral Science Elective3MU1313 Theory II**3
MU1303 Theory I**3MU1412 Sight Singing and Ear Training II**2
MU1402 Sight Singing and Ear Training I**2  
Humanities Elective3 


Third Semester (15 credit hours) Fourth Semester (15 credit hours) 
Humanities Elective3Social and Behavioral Science Elective3
Social and Behavioral Science Elective3Social and Behavioral Science Elective3
Humanities Elective3Biological Science w/Lab5
Physical Science with Lab5Public Speaking3
Applied Music I/Piano1Applied Music II/Piano1

For all Electives students should strongly consider taking courses that transfer and matching requirements to transfer destination and major.

*Studio and performance courses are  excluded as a Humanities elective.

**Not required for Associates degree, but strongly encouraged before transferring to another institution to complete a Bachelors degree in Music.

This course sequence listed is a recommendation to ensure prerequisites and requirements are met. The student needs to ensure that other institutional requirements such as 15 hours per semester for scholarships are also met. Although 60 hours is the minimum needed for the degree, students may end up with more than 60 hours to meet all requirements.

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