Telolith is the award-winning SCCC student creative writing and art magazine that is published annually.


 Picture of 2020 Telolith cover
Telolith 2020


Five certificates of merit and place awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association to individual Telolith writers and artists, along with awards for Outstanding Article, Outstanding Story, and Outstanding Design, as well as recognition of the entire Telolith staff for typography.

Two awards to individual writers from the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Media Association.

Two individual writer awards for Outstanding Article and Outstanding story from the American Scholastic Press Association.

Over the last two decades, three ASPA First Place awards and five for First Place with Special Merit to the publication as a whole. Two Silver Medalist certificates and one Gold Medalist certificate from CSPA to the last three Telolith issues.

2010 issue - National Scholastic Press Association, Associated Collegiate Press, the top-level All American Honor Rating, with marks of distinction for writing and editing, photography, art graphics and typography, layout, and concept.

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