Job Description




Human Resources Department                    


Classification: Faculty


Date of Job Description: May 13, 2008


FSLA Status: Exempt


Position Title: Automotive Technology Instructor


Department: Area Technical School


Position Reports to:  Technical School Director and Dean of Instruction



Seward County Community College/Area Technical School is a comprehensive institution which places primary emphasis on excellence in classroom and lab instruction.  Responsibilities include preparation, teaching and conducting laboratory courses as assigned including but not limited to Automotive Technology, develop syllabi; facilitate student learning in classroom and lab settings, recruit, advise, tutor and evaluate students.  Teaching assignments may include some evenings, but the focus of this particular position will be teaching high school students.


The instructor will engage in a variety of learning support and instruction/institutional practices, advising, and mentoring of students; identifying and implementing assessment measures to achieve course, program, and college learning outcomes; participating in team-based activities; student co-curricular activities and college governance; incorporating pedagogies that support best learning practices; and expanding of instructional delivery options available to students.  Faculty members are expected to demonstrate and maintain technical competence throughout their employment at the college.




Education and Experience

A minimum of two years full time employment as an automotive technician required; with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification preferred.  Bachelor’s Degree in automotive technology, career and technical education or related to or equivalent of the technical teaching licensure and requirements for Kansas Department of Education technical education certification, or a related field with 18 college credit hours in automotive technology or technical education.  Ability to complete degree in 3 years desired.  Preference given to those holding a Master’s Degree.  Previous teaching experience in a community or technical college or secondary education preferred.


Knowledge and Skills

Ability to:


Additional requirements:


Working Conditions


Employee normally will be exposed to typical classroom and lab conditions.


Physical/Mental Demands

Ability to


Normal office and classroom activity of sitting, standing, walking, and carrying. 





Instructional Activities:

  1. Provides quality instruction to students in assigned courses.
  2. Conveys thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely through both verbal and written communication.
  3. Develops a good relationship with students by showing a willingness to answer questions and encouraging students to express themselves.
  4. Demonstrates enthusiasm within the instructional setting.
  5. Maintains well planned, available and relevant course material.
  6. Shows a commitment to high student standards by encouraging student responsibility, ethical behavior and stressing consistency in class work and attendance.
  7. Uses a variety of techniques and technology to actively engage students in the learning process.
  8. Adapts instruction to various student learning styles.
  9. Provides feedback to students in attaining course goals and objectives.
  10. Develops and utilizes a variety of assessment tools to validate course, program and institutional outcomes.
  11. Compiles and analyzes assessment data and submits results to the assessment committee.
  12. Stays current in subject matter, instructional techniques and technology by attending conferences, seminars, and workshops, and by reading appropriate professional literature.
  13. Maintains clearly stated course outcomes, competencies, instructional methods, and methods of assessment in each course syllabus; course policies need to be clearly written; and syllabi and policies need to be available to students.
  14. Maintains student and advisee records for timely reporting.
  15. Gives each student the opportunity to accomplish course goals by holding class for the scheduled time and maintaining posted office hours; and refers students to College resources such as the College Library, Academic Achievement Center and the Student Success Center.
  16. Evaluates, reviews and utilizes up to date classroom materials and textbooks.


Non-Instructional Activities:

  1. Provides quality academic advisement by learning about curricular requirements, prerequisites, and SCCC/ATS or high school graduation requirements.
  2. Assists in student recruitment by visiting area schools, encouraging students to attend SCCC, developing activities directly related to this discipline, and promoting the value of the College. 
  3. Supports student activities and aids students in adjusting to college life.
  4. Participates in professional organizations and in local or service area activities that benefit the college, the community and the individual.
  5. Serves on and attends college meetings.
  6. Maintains a consistent temperament and gives and accepts constructive feedback.
  7. Understands, supports, and focuses on the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the college.
  8. Pursues efficiency and economy when using college resources and demonstrates fiscal responsibility.
  9.  Assists the Technical School Director in divisional activities as requested including division meetings, divisional duties and paperwork, and by participating in Program Reviews; agrees to follow the policies, guidelines and procedures of the College; and uses time efficiently.
  10. Exhibits integrity and honesty and maintains confidentiality.
  11. Supports cultural diversity.




Internal:  Reports to the Technical School Director and Dean of Instruction.  Position works closely with the administrative offices and departments across campus.  Rapport must be established, maintained and promoted with students, faculty and staff.


External:  Interacts with members of the high school and the community to coordinate events and projects a positive image of the college at all times.