Department:         Instruction                                                                              Grade:                               8

              Reports To:         Division Chair                                                                      Classification:                 Non-Exempt

              Supervises:          Direct:       0                   Indirect:        0

              Approved By:   Dean of Instruction                                                               Effective Date:          10/25/2007

                                                                                                                                                   Revised  Date:           10/25/2007



              To provide quality instruction to students.  Classes are assigned by the Dean of Instruction. Position is

           temporary and is appointed as needed.


             Major Duties and Responsibilities:                                                                                                                (E) Essential or

                                                                                                                                                                                                  (N) Nonessential


                  85%     Instruction in the course and evalution of student performance in accordance with student            E

                               learning outcomes as stated in the course syllabus; maximum use of required texts and

                               materials as directed by Division Chair or Lead Instructor; and prepares course syllabi (if

                               not provided by the department).

                  10%     Maintain accurate records of attendance and grading of students, submits reports timely;               E

                               promptly enters mid-term and final grades as required.

                    5%     Attends adjunct in-service each semester.                                                                                                   E




                 1.       To start and end classes promptly at scheduled times

                 2.       To inform Lead Instructor/Division Chair of absences timely; during planned absences provides

                           instructional materials, protocols, and direction for substitute instructors

                 3.       To instruct class with most current technology

                 4.       To demonstrate a commitment to the institutional mission and goals

                 5.       To foster and maintain a professional and positive relationship with students, community, and

                           department/college personnel

                 6.       To follow department and college policies and procedures

                 7.       To maintain the confidentiality of student records


               Knowledge and Skills:


                   Experience:                             Six months to two years of similar or related experience.


                   Education:                               Master's degree in discipline or Bachelor's with 24 hours in discipline


                   Interpersonal Skills:               Courtesy, tact and diplomacy are essential elements of the job. 


                   Other Skills:                             Effective use of instructional technology; knowledge and skills in Microsoft Office and

                                                                      willingness to learn additional software obtained by the College;



                               This Job Description is not a complete statement of all duties and responsibilities comprising this position.