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Employee List
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Name Office Phone Office Title E-Mail Address
24-hour security (620)417-1180 SW109 Call for campus emergencies 24 hours
Abby Bolton (620)417-1562 Assistant Softball Coach/Instr.
Alaina M. Rice (620)417-1061 A135B Registrar
Alaina M. Sill (620)417-1174 T111 Education Program Designer and Manager
Alex M. Musgrove (620)417-1606 A125 SSS Program Coordinator
Allan L. Classen   Maintenance I/Bus Driver
Alli Lyon (620)417-1142 SW118 Wellness Education Coordinator
Aly L. Call (620)417-1103 A134A Admissions Coordinator/Recruiting
Amy J. Bridenstine (620)417-1081 A115 Accounts Payable Clerk
Amy K. Sager (620)417-1417 T124 Medical Assistant Instructor
Amy M. Knudsen (620)417-1122 AA103 HR Payroll Generalist
Andrea Gustafson (620)417-1561 SW210 Head Softball Coach/Instructor
Andrea Rangel (620)417-1318 C122 Spanish GED Program Coordinator
Andy T. Highfill (620)417-1141 SW117 Director of Aquatics/Wellness
Angel Corral (620)417-1181 SW109 Security Officer
Anita Reed (620)417-1459 AA131 Journalism/Communications Instructor and Crusader Sponsor
Annie A. Quillin (620)417-1313 C100 ABE Grant Secretary
Annie A. Quillin (620)417-1402 E002 Allied Health/Respiratory Therapy Secretary
Bert Luallen (620)417-1563 SA110 Head Women's Volleyball Coach
Bill McGlothing (620)417-1457 H107 English Instructor
Bill R. Asmussen   English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor
Blanca O. Gutierrez (620)417-1240 Maintenance III
Blanca Y. Castro (620)417-1000 A120 Receptionist
Bonnie D. Merrihew (620)417-1510 A184 Mathematics Instructor
Brad Kearn (620)417-1509 A178C Mathematics Instructor
Brandie Jones (620)417-1551 SW202 Athletics Secretary
Bree A. Downs (620)417-1661 TB113 Auto Body Collision Repair Instructor
Brianna K. Ruiz   SA139 Dance Coach
Bronwyn Bahr   AA140 Research and Assessment Secretary
Bryan Zollinger (620)417-1557 SW206 Head Men's Basketball Coach
Butch K. Garst (620)417-1681 TA136 Machine Tools Instructor
Carmen R. Sumner (620)417-1411 E018 Surgical Tech Instructor/Coor.
Celeste M. Donovan (620)417-1016 A114 Dean of Student Services
Chandler E. Kirkhart (620)417-1104 A134B Coordinator of Admissions and Marketing
Charity A. Horinek (620)417-1133 Associate Director of Institutional Advancement
Chris Guyer (620)417-1504 AA159 Food Science and Safety Program Specialist
Chris Hickman (620)417-1679 TB106 HVAC Instructor
Chris J. Russom (620)417-1666 TA125 Automotive Mechanics Technology Instructor
Chris Schroeder (620)417-1240 Maintenance III
Clarence S. Reeves (620)417-1181 SW109 Security Officer
Clemente Torres (620)417-1695 TT103 Truck Driving Instructor
Cody Pickering (620)417-1672 T150 Automotive Business Management Instructor
Cori S. Carson (620)417-1418 T124 Medical Assistant Instructor
Craig M. Dusek (620)417-1204 AA149 Website and Portal Manager
Cristy G. Mulanax (620)417-1362 AA124 Criminal Justice Instructor
Cynthia Rapp (620)417-1012 A112 Dean of Academic Affairs
Dale D. Doll (620)417-1450 H103 English Instructor/Humanities Division Chair
Darin D. Workman (620)417-1458 H144 Tennis Coach/Instrumental Music Instructor
Darrin R. Hook (620)417-1512 A180 STEM Physics Lab Monitor and Instructor
Dave L. Ratzlaff (620)417-1698 TB113 Natural Gas Compressor Program Specialist
David E. Coltrain (620)417-1354 V107 Sustainable Agriculture Resources Program Specialist
David Hormig (620)417-1686 TD107 Diesel Technology Instructor
Dawn A. Hemphill (620)417-1408 E118 Nursing Instructor
Dawn M. Unruh (620)417-1405 E112 Nursing Instructor
Deanna L. Martin (620)417-1112 A104 Financial Aid Secretary
Deb Weilert (620)417-1121 AA108 Director of Human Resources
Debbie S. Stafford (620)417-1455 H104 Behavioral Science Instructor
Denice Paden (620)417-1360 COS115 Cosmetology Instructor/Coordinator
Dennis Guild (620)417-1246 Maintenance II
Dennis K. Mulanax (620)417-1181 SW109 Safety and Security Supervisor
Dennis M. Sander (620)417-1018 A116 Dean of Finance and Operations
Derric E. Moore (620)417-1508 A155 STEM Mathematics Lab Monitor/Instructor
Dinora Isidoro (620)417-1083 A119 Accounting Specialist
Don E. Friesen (620)417-1240 Maintenance III
Donald R. Hayes (620)417-1505 A178 Biology Instructor
Donna M. Fisher (620)417-1111 A104A Director of Financial Aid
Doug Browne (620)417-1201 AA152 Director of Multimedia Technology
Duane M. Dunn (620)417-1010 A110 President
Dustin Farmer (620)417-1452 H124 3-D Instructor
Ed Anderson (620)417-1409 E022 Respiratory Therapy Instructor/Coor.
Ed Hall (620)417-1208 TA105 Distance Learning Support Technician
Emery V. Swagerty (620)417-1162 A160 Technician-Library
Everett Ponder (620)417-1181 SW109 Security Officer
Faye M. Zimmerman (620)417-1501 A183 Math and Science Division Secretary
Felix Babineaux (620)417-1244 Maintenance I
Frances Brown (620)417-1300 A132A Developmental Instructor/Director of Academic Achievement Ctr
Galen McSpadden (620)417-1550 SW203 Baseball/Athletic Director
Gary Damron (620)417-1461 H106 Social Science Instructor
Gayla L. Myers (620)417-1605 A124 Director of Student Support Services (TRiO)
George W. McNitt (620)417-1665 TA121 Auto Mechanics Instructor
Gina L. Brooks (620)417-1654 Title V Secretary
Gloria J. Goodwin (620)417-1460 H102 Communications and Theatre Instructor
Greg J. Unger (620)417-1685 TD107 Diesel Technology Instructor
Greg S. Gardner (620)417-1502 A181 Biology/Chemistry Instructor
Harold E. Fick Jr. (620)417-1690 TB152 Process Technology Program Specialist
Heather D. Hannah (620)417-1507 A186 Mathematics Instructor
Hiran V. Gunasekara (620)417-1355 AA119 Economics Instructor
Ilse Cambron (620)417-1315 C102 ABE Data Entry Clerk
Irene R. Blackwelder (620)417-1132 A190 Development Office Secretary/Bookkeeper
Irene Salas (620)417-1240 Maintenance III
Jamie Titus (620)417-1419 E211 Medical Lab Technician Instructor
Janese Thatcher (620)417-1014 A113 Dean of Career and Technical Education
Janice Northerns (620)417-1456 H105 English Instructor
Jared P. Haas (620)417-1503 A187 Biology Instructor
Jay I. Castor (620)417-1043 T106 Instructional Designer
Jeanne D. Beer (620)417-1082 A119 Accounts Receivable Manager
Jennifer R. Farmer (620)417-1172 SU210 Business and Industry Secretary
Jerri Lynn Lyddon (620)417-1151 SU124 Director of the Bookstore
Jerry Odle (620)417-1970 SW137 Food Service Director
Jevyn D. Voss (620)417-1101 Admissions Secretary and Promotions
JJ Widener (620)417-1205 AA148 Systems Administrator
John P. Massey (620)417-1683 TA108 Welding Technology Instructor
John Ratzlaff (620)417-1242 Maintenance II
Joy L. Fosdick (620)417-1173 SU206 Business and Industry Facilitator
Judy S. Waters (620)417-1301 A132B English Instructor
Kammie K. Francis (620)417-1240 Maintenance III
Kara D. Richmeier (620)417-1401 E108 Allied Health Division Secretary
Kate A. Mulligan (620)417-2102 SLC102 Director of the Student Living Center
Katy Redd (620)417-1454 A195 Behavioral Science Instructor
Kelli A. Willingham (620)417-1560 SW207 Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Kelly G. Malwitz (620)417-1181 SW109 Security Officer
Ken Killion (620)417-1410 E023 Respiratory Therapy Clinical Coor./Instructor
Kim Zant (620)417-1350 AA127 Chair of the Ag, Business, and Personal Services Division
Larry A. McLemore (620)417-1651 T101 Division Chair of Industrial Technology
Laura Enriquez (620)417-1313 C100 Receptionist
Lauren M. Mahrous (620)417-1608 A127 SSS Academic and Career Advisor
Lavena V. Davis (620)417-1063 A135 Student Records Clerk
Lisa D. Kennedy (620)417-1363 AA116 Business Administrative Technology Instructor
Liz Nosbisch (620)417-1554 SW102 Athletic Trainer
Lois B. Magner (620)417-1011 A111 Administrative Assistant to President
Lori J. Mendenhall (620)417-1351 AA121 Business Division Secretary
Lucinda C. Henness (620)417-1416 T134 Health Occupations Instructor
Luke Dowell (620)417-1500 A185 Mathematics Instructor/Math, Science & HPERD Division Chair
Lydia Augustine (620) 391-1957 T'ai Chi and Yoga Instructor
Lynn Gerstenkorn (620)417-1153 SU109 Merchandising and Marketing-Bookstore
Macy D. Millikan (620)417-1420 T116 Health Occupations Instructor
Magda Y. Silva (620)417-1462 H145 Vocal Music Instructor
Maira M. Regalado   English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor
Margaret Thompson (620)417-1163 A160 Technician-Library
Maria G. Mendoza (620)417-1240 Maintenance III
Mark W. Merrihew (620)417-1202 AA153 Director of Information Technology
Mary Beth Matkin (620)417-1013 A111 Admin Assist to Dean of Acad Affairs/Dean of Career Tech Ed
Mary K. Ruiz (620)417-1406 E112 Nursing Instructor
Matthew Pannkuk (620)417-1161 A159 Director of Library
Mayra Gonzalez-Barrientos (620)417-1143 SW112 Wellness Center’s Desk and Floor Manager
Melissa J. Sander (620)417-1042 A103 Testing Center Facilitator
Michael D. Fowler (620)417-1245 Maintenance Supervisor
Michael D. McCarthy (620)417-1696 TT103 Truck Driving Instructor
Michael Hamilton (620)417-1240 Maintenance III
Mike B. Davidson (620)417-1556 SW204 Assistant Baseball Coach/Instructor
Mike Brogan (620)417-1240 Maintenance III
Mike O'Kane (620)417-1955 T108 KSBDC Outreach Consultant
Mike W. Bailey (620)417-1019 A115 Fiscal Officer/Admin Assistant
Mindy Holder (620)417-1356 AA125 Computer Information Sys. Instructor/Coordinator
Mitch G. Thompson (620)417-1243 Maintenance II
Myron O. Perry (620)417-1511 A179 Microbiology Instructor
Nadine Mein   Assistant Tennis Coach
Nancy Bansemer (620)417-1404 E109 Nursing Instructor
Neal W. Cann (620)417-1645 TB158 Corrosion Technology Program Specialist
Nicole K. Nee (620)417-1652 T111 Industrial Technology Division Secretary
Nina Highfill   English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor
Norma Jean Dodge (620)417-1171 SU209 Director of Business and Industry
Patricia D. Stegman (620)417-1241 M101 Maintenance Secretary
Patrick D. Nee (620)417-1558 SW205 Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Patsy Fischer (620)417-1041 A151 Advising Coordinator
Paul T. Fisher 620-482-2182 SLC102 Assistant Housing Manager
Pete U. Martinez (620)417-1695 TT103 Truck Driving Instructor
Phillip Lee (620)417-1164 A165 Technician-Library
Rachel C. Coleman (620)417-1125 A121 Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Rachel K. Taylor (620)417-1066 A135A STEM Transfer Coordinator
Ranae L. Thornburg (620)417-1101 A134 Marketing and Public Relations Secretary
Randall C. Levings (620)417-1660 Auto Body Collision Repair Instructor
Randall L. Epperley Jr. (620)417-1240 Maintenance II
Randy H. Johnson   Maintenance II
Rene' D. Boaldin   Associate Cheerleading and Dance Coach
Rhonda L. Kinser (620)417-1106 A150 Counselor/Retention Specialist
Richard E. Stoops (620)417-1181 SW109 Security Officer
Richard Miller (620)417-1247 SA139 Maintenance II
Roger L. Scheib (620)417-1240 M101 Director of Buildings Grounds and Security
Roy Allen (620)417-1553 SU209 Sports Information Director/Asst to the Athletic Director
Rusty Tuman (620)417-1358 AA111 Computer Information Systems Instructor
Ruthie D. Luallen (620)417-1152 SU108 Assistant Bookstore Manager
Ryan E. Grubbs (620)417-1668 TA105 Transportation Technologies Instructor
Sandon P. Hilditch (620)417-1207 AA150 Computer User Support Specialist
Sandra S. Wolfram (620)417-1415 E010 Simulation Laboratory Facilitator
Sandy L. Brisendine (620)417-1422 E112 Nursing Instructor
Sara B. Koehn (620)417-1102 Admissions Secretary
Shannon K. Davis (620)417-1113 A104B Financial Aid Officer
Sharon L. Nickelson (620)417-1414 E210 Administrative Assistant for STEM Grant
Sharon S. Brockmann (620)417-1467 A136 Writing Lab Coordinator
Shaspen D. Young (620)417-1015 A119 Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Services
Sheila Scheib (620)417-1359 COS116 Cosmetology Instructor/Coordinator
Shelby C. Louderback (620)417-1565 SA139 Cheerleading Coach
Sherry D. Farrell (620)417-1364 AA117 Health Information Management and Business Instructor/Coord
Sonia Hernandez (620)417-1067 A123 STEM Education Specialist
Steve Armstrong (620)417-1240 Maintenance II
Steve K. Wiens (620)417-1653 T105 Assistant Director of Area Technical School/Title V Director
Steve W. Merz (620)417-1677 T114 Drafting and Design Technology Instructor
Steven L. Strickland (620)417-1203 AA144 Computer User Support Intern
Susan G. Ingland (620)417-1407 E120 Nursing Instructor
Susan K. Copas (620)417-1453 H108 Art Instructor
Susana L. Ortega (620)417-1240 Maintenance III
Suzanne Campbell (620)417-1403 E209 STEM Project Director/Medical Lab Technician Instructor
Tammy Doll (620)417-1131 A190B Director of Development
Tanya Dowell (620)417-1352 AA118 Accounting Instructor
Tara L. Thompson (620)417-1240 Maintenance III
Teresa Wehmeier (620)417-1603 AA140 Institutional Research and Data Analyst
Terri C. Barnes (620)417-1451 H116 Humanities Secretary
Terry L. Bryan (620)417-1062 A135 Assistant Registrar
Terry R. Blair (620)417-1240 Maintenance III
Thais B. Allen (620)417-1564 Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach
Thomas H. Cash (620)417-1181 SW109 Security Officer
Tina Cota (620)417-1240 Maintenance III
Toby D. Wynn (620)417-1559 SW208 Head Women's Basketball Coach
Todd Carter (620)417-1600 AA140 Director of Research and Assessment
Tommy Phan (620)417-1240 Maintenance II
Travess D. Funk (620)417-1412 E013 Surgical Technology Clinical Coordinator/Instructor
Travis Boyd (620)417-1607 A128 SSS Education Specialist
Travis J. Combs (620)417-1312 C101 Director of Adult Basic Education
Veda J. King (620)417-1400 E106 Division Chair/Director of Nursing
Wade Lyon (620)417-1064 SU118 Director of Student Life and Leadership
William J. Bryan (620)417-1506 A182 Chemistry Instructor
Department Fax Numbers
Allied Health-Epworth 620-417-1449
Athletics Department 620-417-1599
Business Office 620-417-1089
Colvin Adult Learning Center 620-417-1349
Cosmetology 620-417-1399
General campus 620-417-1169
Human Resource Office 620-417-1124
Humanities Division 620-417-1499
Maintenance Department 620-417-1299
Registrar Office 620-417-1079