Concurrent Enrollment Classes



The Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) defines concurrent enrollment as a course that is taught for both high school and college (dual) credit to eligible students during the regular high school day by a qualified high school instructor. In order to be eligible for concurrent enrollment, students must meet a minimum institutional course placement score on either the ACT, COMPASS, or ASSET placement tests in the appropriate subject area. Concurrent enrollment offerings are available in all ten outreach schools/communities as well as Liberal High School. Questions concerning concurrent enrollment should be directed to the outreach site coordinator or the office of educational services at SCCC/ATS.




For more information regarding the Outreach and Concurrent program, please contact:



Mike Bailey

Director of Outreach

(620)417-1044 Phone

(620)417-1079 Fax


Mary Beth Matkin
Administrative Assistant
Dean of Academic Affairs
1-800-373-9951 Ext. 1013
or (620) 417-1013