Adult Basic Education

The Colvin Adult Learning center located at 930 N. Kansas Avenue offers a variety of services for the student who needs adult basic education courses before he or she begins college classes.


The center offers a Kansas State High School Diploma through General Education Development testing in English and Spanish.


The center offers English as a Second Language classes to

assist the student who needs to improve his or her English skills.


The center offers Accelerating Opportunity Kansas to assist persons who are still learning English, and people who haven't been in school in years. Even if you didn't finish high school or complete your GED, you can find a path for success in today's workplace.








Colvin Can Provide You With:



*An open door to new possibilities.

*The opportunity to go to college.

*An increased chance for financial security.

*A better life for you and those around you.


With Our Help and Programs:


*You can explore the world.

*You can meet new people.

*You can expand the boundaries of your life.

*You can discover who you are and what you can do.