Zumba fitness is the Latin-inspired dance fitness program that blends high-energy Latin and International beats. A fun alternative to basic exercise, Zumba uses lively dance moves and energetic music to engage the participant. Zumba routines burn calories and improve coordination.










The Yoga experience can create balance and harmony in the mind, body and spirit. Students are introduced to principles of alignment, breath work and relaxation. Primary postures and yoga basics are taught with an emphasis on increasing flexibility, lengthening the spine, sun salutations, and balances.




Tai Chi




Tai Chi is a gentle physical stretching exercise with an emphasis on deep breathing. Originally developed in ancient China, Tai Chi has become known as a graceful form of exercise that can help with stress reduction, balance, flexibility and muscle strength, reducing anxiety and depression and a variety of other health issues.





Aqua Aerobics




Participants perform basic exercise movements in the water which will increase their cardiovascular and muscular fitness. Participants that do not know how to swim can choose their level of difficulty. Water walking, weights, and core balance will be emphasized.




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Participants must be enrolled in each section to attend a specific class. Not all classes above may be offered each semester. Please check with the front desk for more information about classes being offered each semester.